Why "Quilted Barn" Feed Co? Barn quilt blocks have a long history in agriculture, dating back almost 300 years! Paint was very expensive in those days and painting distinctive patterns on your barn was a creative way to allow for decoration as well as a way for travelers to find a farm, crossroads, or landmark. Families created quilt blocks that were unique to their heritage and held meaning to them.

We chose colors to represent the earth (green) the sky (blue) sunrise (orange) and sunset (red) and the center is pink, representing the heart that keeps us going.

We've been operating a small family farm in the Coast Range for 11 years, raising pigs, chickens, laying hens, and cows. We are passionate about farming and bringing nutrient dense meat to our community. We started using Mosaic Farms feed in the very beginning and understand the value and importance of having high quality feed. As owners now, we are committed to keeping this valuable resource available for everyone from your backyard flock to full scale farmers. We believe a cornerstone for a healthy community is growing healthy animals, we are honored to be part of the journey.